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Berry Picking and Gingham

July 26, 2017

rileys farm ca berry picking

Moo's Musing berry picking berry picking photo berry picking photo berry picking outfit blackberry picking berry picking couple photo j crew gingham

Berry picking season is in full swing! I think almost all berries are in season right now, and our local u-pick farm has tons! Berry picking is probably one of my favorite summer activities. I love spending any time I can outdoors, and this is something that we don’t get to do on the regular.

Usually, my whole family goes picking but this year I got to make a double date out of it. My boyfriend had never been before so we went and invited some of his close friends. He thought paying to pick fruit and help someone else’s farm out seemed silly, but afterward he was totally on board! He said it was more fun than he thought it was going to be; which made me pleased. This little day activity was the first time he had the roll of blogger boyfriend/photographer, and I think the photos came out pretty good! We’ll see how he does growing into the roll ;P

Since we were berry picking as a double date I didn’t want to wear my boots like last year. I had purchased this top on sale actually intending to wear it in Canada and just never did. When I started searching for a berry picking outfit this top was totally perfect! I’m so glad I didn’t shoot it while traveling because gingham is seriously perfect for this! (I actually just noticed I even wore gingham last year too…opps!) I was a little nervous wearing my pink tennis shoes while picking the Ollalie berries since they stain, but I walked away just fine! It was seriously such a fun day!

Top: J Crew Factory
Shorts: Old Navy (last seen here)
Shoes: Old Navy


10 Lessons I Learned In My Singleness

April 18, 2017

SinglenessThere’s a lot to be said about relationships, dating, and being single. Personally, it’s just not for me. I’m really bad at all of it, and I tend to make a lot of stupid mistakes. Then again, I also don’t have a lot of practice in the area. I’ve had two long term relationships, and two very different broken hearts. (I mean weren’t we all a little crushed when we found out Channing Tatum was married?) I prefer to be in a relationship, and the role of girlfriend has always just come much easier to me. Growing up I was never the girl who had crazy high career woman dreams. I always just wanted to be a Godly wife, mother, and homemaker. I think that’s why I prefer a committed relationship rather than the dating world our culture seems to totally love.

The dating game is hard and fairly new to me. Yet, I already feel so tired of it. If you don’t want the personal story of my failed love life you can just skip to the fun points below. If you’re like me and love getting to know each other, then keep reading. My first long term relationship began while I was in my senior year of high school and went into my sophomore year of college. I’d “dated” (if you even want to call high school relationships dating) before, but this was the first serious thing to come my way. I learned a lot from this relationship, and if I’m honest, it wasn’t the healthiest. We fought and bickered a lot and almost always over stupid things. It didn’t end well, and he started dating someone very quickly after which lead to him quickly getting engaged (but that’s another story and may God bless their marriage). The fact that I hadn’t been single while my peers were learning to date was very clear to me. I didn’t know what it was like to bring someone home to meet your parents, or be taken to meet others. Getting asked out on a first date and never getting a second…it was all new and I quickly discovered how little I knew about dating. There was only about 3 or 4 months in which I was single before my next relationship. I maybe went out a few times with a few guys during that time. It wasn’t a lot. I then met my college boyfriend which was honestly a really great relationship. I learned what it meant to be a team, and to be truly happy in a relationship. If you’ve been a reader for a long time, then you’ve seen that one’s face on the blog before. I truly thought this was it for me. I had found the one for me, I was happy and ready to be married. We were working in that direction when one day things came to an abrupt halt and it not only shocked me, but everyone else too. My world was really rocked by this ending, more than I even realized at the time. The heart ache I felt was a lot more than I could even handle. It’s hard to even really describe the pain that I went through, and God is honestly the only reason I got through it. It’s my only explanation as to how I moved forward. Now that was a about a year and half ago.

Over that year and half, I’ve been on some really great dates (hello star gazing), and some realllllyyy bad ones(like that one time I made a grown man cry from simply parting ways after like 2 dates)! Some make for pretty funny stories (to the man who showed up in sweats on a date with a fashion blogger). Once again I was thrown into this dating world that I really knew nothing about. Even better, all the sudden I was graduating college and trying to figure out how to date while not being in school surrounded by eligible men. My seemingly very big ocean had turned into a very small pond to fish in. It was all very new to me, and honestly, not all of it was bad. There are some fun things about dating and being single (free drinks, compliments, and flowers…yes please). And yes, I have learned a lot about myself. I’ve overcome a lot of baggage on my own, and yet I’m still discovering that I carry things I didn’t know would be a problem. I’ve learned a lot about what I don’t like in men (gambling), and what I do (outdoorsy). I’ve learned what I’ll compromise on (country music) and what I won’t (church going). There’s been a lot of important, and unimportant lessons I’ve learned from being single and dating the last year and half. That’s where the idea of this post comes in. I wanted to share some of the things I’ve learned, and hopefully they’ll be helpful to you. I’d love for you to share your stories with me and what things you’ve learned. Talking to y’all is my favorite thing ever! So please share!

I should also mention in here that dating to me is a very big deal. I don’t date just to date…or I don’t date seriously just to play games. We’ve all made mistakes and put up with someone we can’t see ourselves marrying for too long (that’s one of my lessons learned below), but dating for a purpose is important. My parents raised my sister and I with the knowledge that you date to marry. There is a point in dating. You get to know someone to see if you can be in a relationship with them. That relationship has a point as well. Marriage. So as I date, I’m looking to see if I can potentially marry this person. If not, well then why continue to waste time, money, and feelings on someone who isn’t going to be your future spouse.

Distance…It’s a real thing.

I’m serious here. This is one of the first lesson’s I’ve learn when my first long term relationship ended, and it’s the biggest advice I give people. Cut ties! *snip snip* It sucks and it’s part of why a break up hurts so much, but it helps you heal. You can’t move on from someone you talk to everyday. It’s just not possible. I know it’s hard. Usually when a break up happens you don’t just lose a significant other, you lose your best friend too. So not talking is just difficult. It’s totally out of the norm, and that’s even harder too. Your normal has totally changed. Yet, you have to let that normal change. If it doesn’t change, it doesn’t end and you can’t move forward.

Now, I’m not one to unfollow on social media. It’s just not necessary to me (and it seems sorta petty). However, I know it is for some people. So if that’s you and you need them totally gone from your everything, then unfollow away. Delete their number even. Whatever helps make that distance real, do it. Because trust me, it helps. My first break up we didn’t talk or see each other. We ran in different circles near the end anyway. The second time around though, I realized that a small Baptist school is not a fun thing to try and share! And it did make moving on harder. For about the first 6 months of my singleness, I ran into my ex frequently. We didn’t talk, but seeing someone is still hard. It brings memories and memories suck too. So in my experience the more distance the better!

Time will become your friend and your enemy.

“Time heals all.” We’ve all heard that before, and it’s annoying. I remember some days thinking this was true, and some days totally hating on this stupid cliché saying. It does hold some truth though. As time passes things do get easier. You don’t miss them as much, and your new normal does become normal. As time passed though and this new normal set in, I think it also made me sad. When you come out of a good relationship moving on sucks too. In a different way than the hurting did, but it still sucks. Moving on means forgetting things. Good things too. So as helpful as it is to forget the sound of someone’s voice the fact that your forgetting is a little sad. Yet, deep down you know it’s necessary.

Three strikes, you’re out!

*Heyyyy batter batter* This is a lesson that a mentor of mine told me while I was between my two long term relationships. Dating was very new and I had zero idea what I was doing, or what I was suppose to put up with and what I wasn’t. She used this analogy and it was so perfect! Pretty much in the first stages of a relationship a man gets three major strikes. My family calls them red flags, but in my head red flags are a lot bigger deals than strikes (see next point). Strikes to me are simple, but things that are important to you. Like a man telling you that you look nice, or opening doors. Two things which I’ve been on multiple dates with men who just don’t do either. Things I simply could not live with in my life. The beginning of relationships is usually when a man puts his best foot forward. So if there is already things in the beginning that you’re iffy about, it’s kind of a deal (not a big deal…just a deal). Strikes usually aren’t deal breakers all on their own, but get enough of them and boom! You’re out of there!

Red Flags…

Termination. A red flag…just like a red card in soccer, means they are out of the game. Red flags in my own dating life are things like loving Jesus, going to church, partying all the time…things that I just will not compromise in and if someone else does, well we just aren’t meant to be. Know your red flags people! You really can’t skip over the important stuff, or the point of dating is literally pointless.

Time, it’s not worth giving away lightly.

*tick tock tick tock* No one has forever. So don’t waste your time on people who don’t matter. I’ve done this. Too many times to be honest. I’ve given people my time and pieces of my heart that I shouldn’t have. Being single can be very lonely and it’s tempting to spend time and effort on a person simply because they are there. I’ve had those people in my life, and I’ve been that person to others. The rebound, the shoulder to cry on, or the hand to hold when no one else is giving the attention we all so crave. Yet, cuddling and hand holding, attention and love it’s not worth coming from just anyone. And it only fills a temporary desire, not the long term longing we all have. If I could drill this into the minds of the young girls out there, I would. I’ve learned this lesson the hard way one too many times. Only spend your time on people who are worth it, and who will spend their time on you too.

Don’t watch ‘How To Be Single‘ on the anniversary of a break up.

It’s a really good movie, super inspiring…but time it right when you watch it. The year mark of a break up is not a good night to watch it. Trust me. You end up in a bucket of tears, with red splotchy skin, and you feel like a total failure. The girl in the movie really does take singleness and rocks it. If you haven’t seen it, I won’t spoil it for you, but it is inspiring. For me it really kicked me in the butt and made me realize that you can do a lot of things while being single and learning how to live on your own is not a bad thing at all. So yes, I say watch it, just maybe not on a significant day.

Dating someone twice is not a good idea.

This is not the case for everyone. It just happened to be in true with this one person and situation in my life. If you tried and had a good reason to end things the first time around, you probably will still have those reasons the second. But you’ll feel twice as bad when you end it because now you’ve hurt someone not just once, but twice. So if you have reasons why you didn’t like a person, or they had three or more strikes against them, remember those reasons. They are probably still there and it probably isn’t going to be better the second time around. You might also help pay for something significant and then you won’t get your money back…*insert face palm emoji here*

Learn to say no.

I’m preaching at myself here. I still have a really hard time with this one. For some reason “No” is just hard for me to say. I always seem to come up with an excuse rather than just saying no. I’m honestly just trying not to hurt someone’s feelings or be mean. Yet, in reality I’m probably just giving them false hope. “No thank you” is an answer and it’s okay to give it. Dating is weird and awkward already. Saying no helps you avoid anymore awkwardness.

You don’t have to hate them or be bitter to move on.

I think this is a common misconception. Hating someone is never the answer. I mean it. Never. It’s okay to look back at a relationship and still think good things. My last relationship was really great and I had a good time. Yet, it would not be the best thing to have it back. I’ve moved forward and am ready for the next good thing God has for me. Being bitter may help you move on quicker, but I think you hold more baggage that way, and you carry that bitterness into whatever relationship you are going to next. Let it all go. (Yes, just like Frozen). It’s not worth holding onto. You loved someone and they aren’t there anymore. It’s okay. You made good memories and you learned some lessons. Now it’s time to learn some more.

God really does have a plan.

This is a hard lesson. I’m still learning to trust God and let him hold my heart. It’s a constant prayer and battle for me. Yet, I think this is the most important lesson of all. When I was hurting and broken I was in a constant state of prayer, asking God to take the pain away and for strength to get through each moment and day. Then it got easier and I wasn’t in as much pain. Yet, I still am striving to be in that constant state of prayer. Asking God to guide my decisions and to only let me feel attraction where I should. I’ve found that it may be hard to read men, but it’s also hard to read myself. I don’t want to fall for just anyone, I don’t want to give my heart to just anyone, and I especially do not want to get hurt again. I don’t know God’s plan or the person who is suppose to have my heart. So I truly am seeking and asking God to hold my heart and only give it to the right person. I may not know his plan or why I’ve gone through all the situations I have, but I do know that ultimately He is good and He does know the future.

I’m no pro at being single or dating. Honestly, I suck at it. I’ve played games, I’ve been clingy, and I’ve given up. But I am trying and these are all just lessons I’ve learned through my experiences. I hope that the things I’ve learned the hard way can make your process a little bit easier. Like I said before, I do love hearing from y’all. If you don’t feel comfortable commenting your story or lessons below then send me an e-mail ( I promise I’ll answer comments and e-mails. What are some lessons you’ve learned while dating? Seriously we can all learn from each other!

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4 Years of Blogging and A Survey

March 31, 2017

4 years of blogging

Moo's Musing Blogiversary

Blog anniversary

Blog Reader Survey

Fourth Blogiversary

4 years of blogging

Fourth Blog Anniversary

Moo's Musing Blog Anniversary

4 years! 4 years of blogging! I can’t believe it! I don’t think I have stuck with anything for four years! It’s amazing. Blogging has become such a big part of my life, and I love it. I love every part of it. The community it has, the other bloggers I’ve met, getting to know readers, and collaborating with amazing companies. It’s all amazing. At this point blogging has become like a hobby turned job in my life, and I am so happy to have such a fun outlet.

With that being said I want to thank y’all for coming and seeing my little corner of the internet. I wouldn’t be here without you. Getting to read others blogs, and seeing other people read mine is so cool! I’ve created a little survey that I would really appreciate if you could take. I would be so grateful for your time and insights. My goal is to relate to you, and create content that you would love to continue reading. So I’d love to hear your ideas and ways I can improve Moo’s Musing.

The survey will take no more than 10 minutes and is anonymous so have at it with your honest feedback! I’m super eager to hear your thoughts and what you like and don’t like! So thank you in advance!


Phonetic Computer Eyewear Glasses Review and Giveaway

February 13, 2017

Eyestrain Glasses Moo's Musing blue light relecting glasses Phonetic Computer Eyewear IMG_2313 Phonetic Computer Eyewear Review Moo's Musing Phonetic Glasses Review IMG_2309 Moo's Musing Glasses Moo's Musing Phonetic ReviewBeing a graphic designer, blogger, and receptionist mean I sit in front of a computer or laptop for the majority of my day. When I say majority, I seriously mean it. At least 8 hours a day, but probably closer to 10. That’s a lot of screen time, and a lot of strain on my eyes. Even if you don’t spend the majority of your day looking at a screen eye strain is a real thing in our culture. We are glued to our phones, computers, or TV. There is blue light surrounding us.

My eyestrain story is a long one, and it affects me more than most people. I’ve suffered from headaches and migraines for a few years now, and they started when I entered the design program at my school. While some of my headaches are stress related, a lot of them come from staring at a screen for long periods of time. I usually end my day with a headache, and with my eyes feeing tired and strained.

Enter Phonetic Eyewear…a company that offers glasses with clear, prescription quality lenses that have a special coating to deflect a portion of unwanted blue light. Now, I don’t need prescription glasses. I have really great vision. Phonetic Eyewear is really great because they offer lenses that you can have fit to your prescription, reading glasses, and non prescription glasses. I chose to receive the non prescription glasses in the Robin frames and trust me when I say I had such a hard time picking what frames I wanted. They have soooo many cute pairs!

Now onto the part about how they work.

The glasses contain a special coating that deflects a portion of the blue light. You can visually see this happening in the photos above. The blue hue you see on the lenses in the pictures is actually the blue light that is being reflected off the glasses. This reflection only appears when the glasses are working and reflecting the blue light. So if there is no light needed to be filtered the glasses look like clear lenses.  No other colors are filtered thought the glass, just the blue light, so everything you see is still sharp and clear.

The best way I can think of to describe the glasses tone change is that it is similar to turning on the “night shift” mode on your iPhone. Go ahead and try that right now. Did ya try it? See how the colors on your screen go from blue to a more yellow or warmer tones? That’s very similar to what the glasses do to the world around you. Everything has a warmer tone to it. The first day wearing the glasses I had to get used to the change, but after the first day I don’t even notice it anymore.

For my own uses these glasses work really well. I wear them while at work at my day job, or working on blog content. I can usually wear them while working on any design work too. The only catch is that I can’t wear them while working with anything that involves the color mattering. So when I am working on editing photos, or editing a watercolor card I have to remove the glasses so that the colors aren’t affected and I can see them just as anyone else would. Being that this is such a small portion of my time in front of a computer it really isn’t a big deal to me.

Overall, I am totally in love with Phonetic Eyewear! So much so that in collaboration with their company we are giving away a pair of glasses! If you don’t want to wait a week to see if you’ve won you can use MOO10 for 10% off your order. Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


At Home Teeth Whitening With Smile Brilliant + A Giveaway

February 8, 2017

teeth whitening kit professional teeth whitening At Home Teeth Whitening Teeth Whitening Giveaway whitening teeth at home custom teeth whitening trays

This collaboration with Smile Brilliant has been a long time coming, but I wanted to make sure I had properly tried out this product before I showed it off to y’all. When they approached me for a collaboration, I knew I couldn’t pass it up! I think we all know that everyone wants whiter teeth. Almost all toothpaste brands seem to market with some sort of whitening aspect, there are tons of different stripes out there, and people spend ridiculous amounts of money on whitening treatments. So what is this that I’m talking about then? Smile Brilliant!

Smile Brilliant is an at-home, professional strength, custom teeth whitening system. It’s affordable, and the same type of system that you would get from your dentist. They send you a putty mold with detailed instructions that you make your impressions with. This step reminded me of when they made my impressions for my braces back in middle school. Once you create the mold you send it back ( in a padded envelope and postage that they included), and a week or two later you have your custom trays. Once you have your trays you start using the whitening and desensitizing gel that was included in the original package. The best way to whiten that Smile Brilliant suggests, is  right before bed. You can start off with 45 minute whitening sessions and work your way up to 3 hours. After every whitening session you finish off with a 20 minutes session of the desensitizing gel.

So, what was my experience like? Well, let me tell you I was really pleasantly surprised. A little bit of back story information first. Back in about middle school, my dad and I did one of those light whitening experience. I think it was for about an hour, and all I really remember is hating it and being in sooooo much pain. I also have what is called Tetracycline stains. They are on my front left tooth (right in the below photos) and are from antibiotics I had to take when I was a baby. They’ve always been there, and are just like a scar on my tooth. They show up as white blotches.

Back to the stuff you really want to know. Yes, Smile Brilliant actually works! I saw results even after the first time whitening. The custom trays really do fit and work out really well. What’s nice about them is that they aren’t uncomfortable, and you can swallow and talk just fine while using them. The hardest part for me was the timing of when to whiten. They suggest 1-3 hours, but honestly anything longer than 2 hours and I’m eating some sort of snack. So to find a span of 2 hours, let alone 3, that I’m not eating is really hard. They say the best time to do it is before bed, which I found to be true. While I don’t have very sensitive teeth the whitener is very strong and I found that the longer I left it one the more sensitive they were. However, that is why the kit comes with desensitizing gel and it does really help! Another really awesome fact is that the kit comes with TONS of gel packets. The results that I have is from 4 whitening sessions, and only one syringe. The gel lasts 1 year and 2 years if refrigerated, so I can wait a few months and then whiten some more. Also, another thing to consider is that I didn’t stop drinking coffee. I still had my one cup every morning. If I had given that up my results would probably be even more amazing!

The best part, I want you to try Smile Brilliant out too! You can enter the giveaway for $139 credit! (Giveaway is open to USA, UK, Canada, and Australia residents) or you can use these coupon codes: 5% coupon code: moosmusing5 (all products), $15 off custom-fitted tray kits: moosmusing15

Smile Brilliant Before and after

If you still aren’t sure about the process you can read these tips for more info: “What to know before buying.” or you can watch another testimonial “How I whiten my teeth.”
Whitening Teeth At Home

While this post is sponsored all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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The Great Outdoors

February 7, 2017

Riverbed Hiking Photo Blue Patagonia Fleece Pullover Bonita Falls CA Hiking Outfit Moo's Musing Outdoor Moo's Musing Waterfall Hike Patagonia Fleece Hike Outfit Bonita Falls CA Hiking Outfit Moo's Musing Patagonia OutiftSpending time outdoors is one of my favorite things ever. I hate being cooped up indoors for days at a time, it really does make me go stir crazy. The outdoors and fresh air is just so calming and relaxing to me. It’s an important part of my mental health. Over the last few days I feel like I’ve been asked a few times “What I like to do” and the first answer that always comes to mind for me is be outside. I mean that in any sort of way! Walking through gardens, sitting on the beach, or hiking…just get me outside and I’m so content!

This past week one of my best friends decided she wanted to start hiking the local waterfalls. Six months ago this would have been a funny suggestion. Waterfalls in Southern California…HA! However, it’s pretty amazing what all this rain has done for our state and our area. Everything is so green right now, it’s just glorious! And so many rivers and waterfalls are flowing. It’s amazing really. Most of these rivers and waterfalls haven’t had any water in years…we are talking like 5 or more years. Yet, right now they are flowing strong! It’s so amazing what God has created.

The waterfall we hiked to was about 40 minutes away from us and is called Bonita Falls. It was such a fun little hike. About 3 miles all around. To get there we had to cross 3 different little rivers. The first one actually wasn’t that little and it was flowing pretty strong with a good current. Thankfully my clumsiness did not take affect in that moment.  I made it out alive, and didn’t fall into the river or waterfall. I did step right into the little pool at the bottom of the waterfall, but that was all for a photo so it’s okay! Spending my Saturday outside is one of my favorite ways to spend the weekend.

Top: Patagonia Fleece
Bottoms: Forever 21
Shoes: Champions from Payless

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Snow Day

January 20, 2017

Snow Day Outfit

Fleece snow Day outfit sleeding fun Hunter Boots Snow Outfit Patagonia Fleece Snow Sisters Friends Sleeding Photo Snow Layers Beanie and Blanket Scarf Sleeding outfit Moo's Musing snow outfit Cute Friends Snow Photo Moo's Musing Puffer JacketI finally got to play in the snow!! Y’all it’s been a few years since I’ve got to visit the snow. This past Monday my whole family had the day off of work and school (which is so rare) that we all decided to make a day of it and go visit the mountains. If you live pretty much anywhere in the US right now then you know everyone is either experiencing snow or rain. I saw a news article that said that 49 out of the 50 states have snow right now. Isn’t that so crazy!?

We live about an hour to an hour and a half away from our local mountains and with all the rain that we have been getting they just look beautiful with their snow caps. It’s honestly such a tease to see them every day and not be able to find the time to visit. Once my family had the chance we all just kind of jumped on it and made a visit happen. We have two main mountain towns and my mom has some friends who live in one of them. They have the cutest little cottage up there, and they let us borrow their sleds.

Being that it’s so rare for my family to see snow our closets aren’t exactly brimming with appropriate gear. I love my outdoor adventures and I try to be pretty prepared for any situation, but my sister just had to layer up! However, I did learn that as great as my Hunter Boots are at keeping my feet dry, one pair of socks was not enough! Other than my feet which were cold I was pretty warm. I layered a sweater, fleece, puffer jacket and I was good!

It was such a fun day getting to spend it with my family. My parents built a mini snow man, and we all sled down a few different hills. We found a nice little spot on the side of the road that had two good hills. One was a bit steeper than the others and man did it go fast! If you were following me on snapchat Monday than you saw how much speed we got. It was such a lovely way to spend our extra day off!

Sweater: Forever 21
Fleece: Columbia
Puffer Jacket: Small unkown shop in town
Jeans: Hollister Co
Scarf: Forever 21
Beanie: Forever 21
Boots: Hunter Boots