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Bow Tie Sleeve Sweater

January 3, 2018

Black Textured Skirt

Moo's Musing Skirt Outfit Loft Holiday Outfit Black and White sweater Moo's Musing Holiday Outfit Bow Tie Sleeve Sweater Loft tie sleeve sweater Bow Sleeve SweaterHappy New Year! We are officially in 2018 and I am officially back to work after Christmas break. That is one of the biggest benefits of working at a school; I still get a holiday break when the semester ends! We got a little over a week off and man I did not want to go back today! Matt had some days off over the holidays as well and it was so nice to get to do so much together. Even though the holidays and break were super busy it was still so nice to get some time together without work. Going back today means hopping right back into the craziness and for Matt that means lots of work events and soon high school camp. I seriously cherished our time off.

Something super exciting happened over break too! My best friend got married! If you followed along on instagram you saw all the stories. I’ve known her for 8 years know and it was so cool to get to stand beside her on her wedding day! I can’t believe she’s a Mrs!

I got this sweater on Black Friday and my mama bought me the pink version for Christmas. It’s amazing and still such a great deal! Only $18 right now! Loft has multiple colors too. I’ve already worn both colors a bunch of times and gotten tons of compliments! I know this outfit is still a bit of a holiday look, but I think it’s also perfect to wear to the office. I know my office is always freezing and I am always reaching for sweaters to be warmer. The variety of colors Loft has makes it super versatile too!

Skirt: Forever 21
Boots: LC Lauren Conrad at Khols
Clutch: Forever 21


Raw-Hem Denim with Abercrombie

December 19, 2017

Moo's Musing Abercrombie Outfit

Moo's Musing Pink Flannel Abercrombie Flannel and Jeans Outfit Details Moo's Musing Spring Fall Abercrombie Raw Hem Denim Moo's Musing Flannel outfit Abercrombie pink flannel

Y’all know I love my Hollister jeans! They are seriously the only denim I have owned…up until now. The raw-hem on jeans has been becoming popular for quite awhile now, and I am totally on board! However, the raw-hem denim that I was drawn too just wasn’t at Hollister. That was really hard for me! Hollister jeans fit me and when they are on sale they can be a really good deal. Most other jeans were too big or their shape just didn’t fit my body type. I literally never find pants that fit me, hence why I usually stick to what I know. Yet, I had a desire for the raw-hem and I knew I had to branch out.

Welcome Abercrombie jeans! I seriously loved these so much! I really wanted them, but ordering online was going to be a risk. I even had y’all vote on instastories if I should just suck it up and buy them. I measured myself off the measurements they gave in the product details, and I thought they would fit but I was really unsure. I took the plunge though! And I LOVE THEM! They fit amazing, are super soft, and are exactly like what you see online. I still feel shocked that they fit me so well! I’ve ordered other items of clothing from Abercrombie in the last few months and a ton of other bloggers frequently talk about how much the brand has developed over the years. It’s funny to look back and think that Hollister and Abercrombie were brands I always wanted to wear in middle school but we could never afford. Yet here they are totally selling great clothes at much better prices and I am long gone from middle school.

Top: Abercrombie
Jeans: c/o Abercrombie
Booties: BP


Old Navy Suede Skirt

December 6, 2017

There’s an @oldnavy dressing room diaries up on my insta stories right now! This skirt is seriously to die for and you can get it 40% off. I didn’t buy it this weekend and now they don’t have my size. I’m seriously kicking myself and refreshing the page searching for it. #liketkit #LTKsalealert
A bit ago I posted this instagram photo, and man did you people love it! This skirt was a huge hit. If you followed along via instagram stories you know the whole issue. I tried the outfit on in the store, but chose to wait to purchase it because I had an online code (ya know…gotta get the best deal!) However, when I went to buy it online they were sold out in my size (BOO). So I spent the next two days continuing to check the old navy website over and over again to see if they were going to restock it. Spoiler alert: They did! I was so stoked and bought it right away.

The second part to this story though is that I bought the wrong sweater. I wanted the sweater I tried on and bought a different one instead. The one I bought is fine, but not my favorite. At this point I’ve removed the tags and now have to keep it. But hey at least I got the skirt!

Suede brown skirt outfitfall outfit inspiration Old Navy Suede Skirt old navy brown sweater and skirt old navy fall outfit

This outfit feels a little too fall like for December, but I shot it and never posted it so here we are. Not to mention I absolutely love this skirt! I’m so excited to find different ways to style it, so you can expect to see it a few more times. I’ve already been pinning ideas! I also just love that I fit in the skirt. It’s so rare to fit into a dress or skirt for me so I am totally stoked! Another thing, I have been loving Old Navy lately! Like so much it’s bad. I never really shopped there before, but man I have been lately! Their clothes are great and they have sales on sales on sales!

Now onto a more December Christmasy topic…but still…shopping! I’m almost done. This past weekend Matt and I accomplished so much! Mostly because of Bath and Body Works candle sale. Did anyone else score so many from there? I discovered they had a Capri candle that smells almost exactly like the famous Anthropologie Capri Blue one! It’s so close and a much better deal! Who even knew! With hitting there and all of my cyber Monday orders starting to come in I am checking so many people off my list and it feels so good! I actually feel on top of it. There’s still a few people from his family I’m not sure what to get but I do feel great since it is still so early in December. Have you started your shopping yet or do you wait til closer to Christmas?



Thanksgiving Dress

November 22, 2017

Moo's Musing Thanksgiving Dress

Moo's Musing Thanksgiving Outfit Inspo

Thanksgiving Outfit Inspiration

Target Smock Dress

Target Ruffle Dress

I promised y’all a more dress thanksgiving outfit and here ya go! This ruffle dress is from Target and a great deal! I wasn’t sure if I would like it because of that two ruffle bottom but when I tried it on in the store I loved it!

I am officially on Thanksgiving break! The students got out at the end of last week and the staff had a half day today. It was so exciting to leave at noon today! I drove home with Christmas music on and I am so excited for the holidays! Not to mention days off! Totally the best part!

How do you celebrate Thanksgiving?


Casual Thanksgiving Outfit

November 20, 2017

Moo's Musing Thanksgiving

Target A New Day Cardigan Satin Copper Blouse Casual Thanksgiving outfit Moo's Musing Thanksgiving Satin Silk Blouse Target Textured Cardigan

As someone who doesn’t have a large family holidays are usually kept very small. The most we ever have over is no more than 10. Dressing up for the holidays really has never been a thing in my house because we never had a reason to. We eat our Thanksgiving meal for lunch so the morning is spent preparing that. Then everyone leaves and the last few years we have gone shopping. It’s a very simple and casual day. Over the year’s I’ve worn skirts and sweaters, but this year I am going for a short sleeve. We are projected to have a 90 degree Thanksgiving….I am so not happy about it! I thought this top would be perfect since it’s a cool material, but still an Autumny color.

This is the first year that I get to split Thanksgiving. Thankfully it wasn’t hard to figure out a good split between the boyfriend’s family and mine. I know so many people who struggle splitting holidays and I’m glad our first one together is simple! Since I will be spending time with more than just my own family I want to look nice, but I know we are probably going to do a lot of sitting around and chilling even at his family’s house. Some people still need to look dressier (don’t worry my suggestion for that is coming tomorrow), but here is a good casual option!

This cardigan is literally a dream. I bought this one and a black one. They are so comfy and a really great price. Target’s new line of clothing is a huge game changer! I can’t stop perusing their stuff. It’s so cute! Right now the cardigans are on sale so don’t miss out!

Top: Forever 21
Cardigan: Target
Jeans: Hollister
Boots: G.H. Bass
Bag: Dooney and Bourke


Little Black Bows

November 10, 2017

bow tie sleeve blouse moos musing shein blouse office work wear striped shein blouse striped tie cuff shein she in tie cuff knit striped top work outfit

Happy Friday! It’s almost the weekend! What are your plans? Mine pretty much revolve around work. The university’s opening basketball game is tonight, and then the teams are playing again tomorrow. We are also hosting a soccer tournament that I get some overtime for. Woot Woot! So not very restful, but I’m sure it will be tons of fun!

Onto the clothes! Can you resist this top? I couldn’t! I mean for one it’s striped, two it has bows! The end, I was done. Sold! It’s so cute, and totally perfect for the office. I think you could accessorize with some red and it would be even more perfect for the holidays! The bows and frilly sleeves just make a typical striped knit top so much more fun! We all know us bloggers love our bows. When I got the opportunity to partner with SheIn I was excited. I had tried to order from them before, but nothing fit. This time around I was prepared and payed way more attention to the measurements given for each item. That’s my biggest suggestion about sites like them is check the measurements!

Now onto the shoes, because we can’t skip them right? These heels are from the new target line A New Day. I’m a huge fan of their new items and I love these heels! They are comfortable and I can wear them all day at work, but! They give me blisters :( every time! I’ve recently heard some bloggers talk about this spray and I’m wondering if it works. Shoes give me blisters all the time! I have pretty boney feet and so just about everything rubs the back of my ankles or the sides of my toes. It’s awful! Does anyone else have this problem or any solutions for me?

Top: c/o SheIn
Pants: Loft
Shoes: Target


Finding Fall

October 26, 2017

fall transitions outfit

j crew gingham flannel moos musing transitioning to fall moos musing scallop hem top romewe scallop hem top romwe scallop shirt

WHYYYYY?! It is still above 80 degrees outside…it is seriously terrible! I am watching all these other bloggers wear sweaters, scarves, and hats and I can barely pull out a pair of boots without being incredibly hot at some point in the day. It’s really sad and it just feels like I’m missing out on the fall fun and mood this year. By the time it cools down I’m going to be ready for Christmas…forget fall! The temperatures are suppose to spike more this weekend, but hopefully cool down this coming week. We never seem to have a cool Halloween though.

Speaking of Halloween what are your plans? Do you like the holiday? My sister is a huge fan and loves to dress up (that’s the theater kid in her). Myself, on the other hand though, hates it. I hate being scared. I hate all the creepy things. I hate how people decorate their houses. It’s all awful! Seeing the little kids dress up and trick or treat for the first hour is fun. However, after that its back to being awful again. All the older kids show up and are just so gross. This year I am staying in and watching a happy movie. Key word there happy! Not scary, happy!

Even with the high temperatures we are still going to do some fall things this weekend. The plan is to carve pumpkins Saturday and go to the pumpkin patch on Sunday. Yes, we are doing it out of order but we never actually buy the pumpkins from a patch. They are so expensive when you do that so Trader Joe’s is always the better option. I am excited to take Matt’s nieces and nephews to the patch. Pumpkin patches are way more fun with little kids!

I wore this outfit last Sunday because I am just trying so hard to dress for fall even in this awful heat. I don’t even thing I can call the weather fall transitions because there is nothing fall about it. Yet, this outfit would work for that if it is kind of starting to cool down where you live. That Sunday it had been freezing in the morning and warm by 10:00. So i knew I needed something slightly warm but to keep me cool enough. That’s why I went with the destroyed denim. Now lets talk about this top! I love the scallop and laser cut details. Love, love, love it! It’s a fun little peak a boo affect. I also like that it’s on the sleeves as well. Not to mention it’s under $10! Can you beat that?!

Top: c/o Romwe
Jeans: Hollister
Flannel: J Crew
Booties: G.H. Bass