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Swimsuit Season

May 24, 2017

free people beach cover up target swim suit moos musing beach wear

Just beachin' it

aztec swim suit moos musing free people

It’s officially swim suit season. I think it’s hit the nation as a whole, but I apologize if you’re in a state where the sun hasn’t quite come out yet. It is really out here in So Cal. We have been in the 90’s the last few days, and are coming close to 100. I also feel like once Memorial Day comes it’s summer. June is almost here and Memorial Day just kicks off the barbecues.

This past weekend my family spent a day at the beach and it was so lovely! The sun was out, and the water wasn’t too cold. I even went for a swim! Not too deep though, if you’ve seen our news we’ve had a lot of shark sightings along our coast recently. Waist deep is about as far as I’ll go for now.

With Memorial Day right around the corner I thought I would round up some of my favorite affordable swim suit picks! Scroll through the widget below and let me know where you get your favorite suits from. Swim suit shopping can be so difficult, and finding a good suit can be tricky. I tend to stay toward the same silhouette, but lately I’ve been on the hunt for a great one piece. Anyone have any suggestions?


Garage Sale Finds

May 23, 2017

moos musing outfit inspo nectar clothing top short sleeve button up outfit Moo's Musing spring outfit button up shirt outfit button back shirt summer outfit inspiration

Garage saling is seriously one of my favorite things to do. It’s been something my mom and I have done so many times over the years. To us it’s like treasure hunting, and it’s so fun! I know it’s not for everyone and you really do have to be okay with digging through other people’s junk but for us it’s awesome! I’ve gotten some great pieces of clothing over the years. When my sister and I were younger it was also a great way for my family to save money on clothes for us.

A few weeks ago, one of the historical districts in our city did a district wide garage sale. A lot of the streets get involved and there’s tons of garage sales! We pretty much just park and walk up and down the streets looking for great buys. We always love when we find other young women who are selling clothes. Those are the best sales! Especially when they just want to get rid of their clothes and will give you a great deal if you make a pile. I scored this Nectar Clothing top from one of the sales we hit up. I thought it was so cute with the buttons down the back too.

These short sleeve button up shirts seem to be everywhere right now and while they are cute, I still kind of feel a bit masculine in them. Which is so strange, I know! They just remind me of borrowing a man’s short sleeve shirt. I don’t know what it is, even with the extra little details. Does anyone else feel this way?


My First Off-The-Shoulder Top

May 15, 2017

OTS Outfit Inspiration

Old Navy Floral Top Jefferey Campbell Rodillo-Hi Dupe Moo's Musing Mini Labordoodle Moo's Musing Off The Shoulder Moo's Musing Summer outfit Moo's Musing dog blogger Old Navy Summer Outfit Jefferey Campbell Rodillo-Hi Off-the-shoulder top outfit

Y’all I have been such a bad blogger lately! This last week I was just so unprepared. Balancing my many random jobs, my friends, and trying to stay on a consistent work out routine has been trickier than normal. I forget that I do so much, and when I add someone or something else into my schedule something else has to take the hit. Lately, I feel like I’m either a really great blogger or a really great business woman. In April I felt like I was really on top of blogging, but last week man did I fail! I had a lot of design work to do and blogging fell to the way side. Some time management really needs to happen!

Off-the-shoulder tops, we all know them, we all love them, and we all see them everywhere. I mean everywhere! OTS items are incredibly trendy right now. I’m not always the girl on trendy. While I do like to be trendy, some trends I just can’t get behind. This is the first off-the-shoulder top I’ve owned. I now own two…yup…just two. For awhile I wasn’t sure how I felt about them, and I wasn’t sure how I would look in them. I bought this floral one from Old Navy when I was collaborating with them a few weeks ago. I wasn’t sure about it when I tried it on in the store, but I’ve worn it twice now and I’m digging it. I think I can get behind the OTS trend.

P.S. Say hello to Molly! If you watch my snapchat or instastories than you’ve definitely already seen her. She’s my parents fairly new puppy, and she’s just the cutest. My dad brought her along for the blog shoot and I just had to include her!

Top: C/O Old Navy
Jeans: Hollister
Shoes: Marshalls


Spring Work Wear

May 4, 2017

White Sheer Top with Green Pants White Sheer Blouse Spring Outfit Inspiration Spring Office Wear Long Wavy Ponytail Moo's Musing Olive Green Pants Moo's musing Forever 21We are officially back to regular programming! All of my days in Europe are up on the blog. If you missed those you can go read the first one here. I’ll still be doing travel posts here and there with all my tips and tricks, including my itinerary, so be on the look out for those. For now though we’ll be back with outfit posts…yay!

There are so many great spring and summer pieces right now! I feel like I could consistently go on a shopping spree and find new things ever week. My bank account however would not be too happy with me doing that…so only a few pieces here and there have been ordered. I mean I couldn’t resist the J Crew Factory sale. Also, I just love all of the trends right now! They are right up my alley. Gingham is super in, all the peplums, and ruffles. It all just makes my little girly southern heart happy. Right now I am on the hunt for a great gingham dress. If you spot one send the link my way!

It really feels like summer in Southern California now. It’s been in the 80’s or higher the last few weeks. It’s time to break out all the dresses, skirts, and light clothing for work. Of course I am reaching for my colored pants like normal. I scored this top in one of the Forever 21 sale sections a few weeks ago. I think I got it for $2! I feel like the sale sections in F21 are such an overwhelming place. It’s always a mess, and to find anything good you really have to dig for it. I have to be in the right mood when heading to shop there.

Happy Thursday friends! I hope you all have an amazing weekend.

Top: Forever 21
Jeans: Hollister
Boots: Franco Sarto
Purse: Target


Pink Leather in Paris

April 24, 2017

Pink leather Jacket Pink Leather Jacket Outfit Striped J Crew Sweater Paris March Weather Outfit Moo's Musing Paris Outfit Pink jacket Paris Outfit Jean Skirt Paris Outfit Inspiration

Pink jackets and coats were really popular this winter, and I am very behind in getting mine up on the blog. I’ve actually had this jacket for quite some time now, and I don’t know why I don’t wear it more often. When I was planning out my outfits for Paris I knew I needed to bring it along though. I wore this outfit on our second full day in Paris, which was actually fairly warm. I definitely still needed the tights though.

The thing about the pink jacket trend that I do like is how easy it would be to transition the jacket for spring and summer. So easy to grab this and throw it over a white off the shoulder top or one of my simple peplums. Yay for pink coats!

Sweater: J Crew (last seen here)
Skirt: Forever 21
Jacket: TJ Maxx
Boots: JC Penney


Denim Ruffles

April 21, 2017


World market red necklace denim peplum black jeans moos musing peplum outfit blue denim peplum Denim peplumHappy Friday! This week was shorter for me since I had Monday off, but man did it drag on! All day yesterday I thought it was Friday. Needless to say I was not so happy when I discovered it wasn’t, and I would need to get up in the morning for work. I really should have gotten up to work out prior to work, but ya know I’m not perfect and we should all just be happy that I made it to work on time.

I just wanted to pop in here and tell y’all how incredibly thankful I am for the response I have gotten to this post on singleness. I wrote this post a weeks ago, and it’s been sitting in my drafts for a little bit. I knew it was really personal, and something different that I don’t always do on the blog. However, I am so glad I hit publish! All the comments, texts, and messages I’ve been getting is so encouraging. Opening up and being vulnerable to people is a really hard thing to do, yet when it happens it’s so rewarding. It’s amazing how much you can relate to someone and learn from them.

So this top! Yay for more ruffles! I seriously love how this trend is in. This was a top I bought in Paris on our shopping day. It was from this really cute little boutique who had a majority of blush items that I just couldn’t resist walking into. I found a super similar top from Macy’s that I linked below so y’all can buy one for yourselves. Let the ruffle obsession continue!

Top: Cáte á Cáte
Jeans: LOFT
Boots: Franco Sarto
Purse: Target
Necklace: World Market

25 by 25, Style, Travel

Paris Sunrise

April 13, 2017

Sunrise over Eiffel Tower IMG_3271 Camel Coat Moo's Musing Loft Paris Sunrise over Eiffel Tower Moo's Musing Paris Travel Moo's Musing Paris Outfit Paris Outfit Sunrise Paris Loft Peplum Sweater Sunrise over Eiffel Tower Paris Loft Outfit Inspiration Loft Peplum Purple Loft Peplum Eiffel Tower Moo's Musing Eiffel Tower

This moment, this glorious and perfect moment. The city was fairly quiet, not quite awake yet. Very few people were out and about; the photographers, the runners. Just enough to know the city had life, but not ready for the busyness of the day. There were a few car engines, but no honking. The tourists were not awake. It was simple and peaceful.

This moment when the sun was barely peeking over the rooftops, this moment when the light was not yet harsh but rather soft and warm, this moment of a golden hour morning. This moment is just another moment where Paris stole a little bit more of my heart. It will forever be engrained in my mind how even on a cool morning I felt warm. How in a boisterous and busy city I felt the calm. How in a city with a language gap I still felt like I belonged.

It was a small piece of heaven to sit and watch the city wake up. Slowly, more cars joined the road, slowly the streets became more crowded. Just another tourist on the streets. Yet, it felt like I had seen a secret part of Paris. A part that not everyone gets to see. Where she is shining and calm and just so close to perfection.

Sweater: LOFT
Jeans: Hollister
Boots: Saint James Bay from JC Penney
Necklace: J Crew

To see more from this day in Paris check out this blog post.