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Oxford, Home of the Inklings

April 3, 2017

IMG_3006 IMG_3003 copy IMG_2945 IMG_2950 IMG_2984 IMG_2975 IMG_2969 IMG_2976 IMG_2982 IMG_2958 IMG_2990 IMG_3000 IMG_3014 IMG_2997 IMG_3020My friend, Tori, that I traveled with is a huge C.S. Lewis and Tolkien fan. Being that we were so close to the city of Oxford she just couldn’t pass it up. The city itself is really beautiful. It reminded me a lot of Boston¬†since it is so much of a college town. However, the architecture is wayyyyy better in Oxford. It felt like the different colleges were closer together too.

When we first arrived in Oxford we visited their Botanical Gardens where Tolkien and sometimes Lewis would visit. The gardens were so stunning! It was such a lovely day too, so we hung out there a bit and ate biscuits and jam. We ended the day by stopping in for a pint at The Eagle and Child. This is the famous pub where The Inklings would meet and discuss each other’s work. Can you imagine them discussing The Lord of The Rings?! It’s just so cool to think of all the amazing things that those walls have been apart of.

On our drive back into Bath from Oxford we got to see the most amazing sunset. This drive was probably one of my favorite parts of the whole trip. The sun was setting so bright and beautiful over the rolling hills of the English country side. I don’t have very good photos of it, and the video only slightly does it justice. We were driving past, and didn’t pull over, but man will my memory never forget that sight!

I wore this adorable Free People sweater that I got from Nordstrom Rack. Technically, I think it was meant to be an off the shoulder sweater, but It worked perfectly as a cowl neck. It is seriously so soft! I liked a bunch of their other sweaters below, and most are on sale since we are transitioning out of winter. Time to stock up for next year!


A Day In London

March 30, 2017

Buckingham Palace Moo's Musing Big Ben Buckingham Palace London Buckingham Palace London Big Ben London Westminster Abbey Westminster Abbey Moo's Musing Big Ben The London Eye Moo's Musing Big Ben Moo's Musing Big Ben Moo's Musing London Guide Saint Pauls Cathedral Moo's Musing London Moo's Musing Big Ben Moo's Musing Big Ben Big Ben London Guide A day in London London Guide Moo's musing Platform 9 3/4I hope y’all are loving these travel posts just as much as I am. Just wait til we get to France! Those are my favorite! After our day in Bath, we were headed to London for a day trip. We drove through the country side, and then took a train into the city. The drive was absolutely beautiful. In Southern California we don’t have a lot of rolling hills. The more up north you go you might see more open spaces with some cows, but you have to get much farther away from where I am from. So driving through the English countryside was so incredible for me. Also, they have so many sheep! I was so amazed with the sheep that just were hanging out on the side of the road. It was awesome.

Once, we got into London we had the best timing with everything! The changing of the guard only happens every couple days, but it just so happened that the ceremony was going on the day we¬†visited. They were also knighting someone that day which made the ceremony a little bit more extravagant too. From Buckingham Palace we went to Big Ben, and just as we got there the chimes were happening. It was all so beautiful and amazing! We got to see Saint Paul’s Cathedral, and we also toured the museum of London. Oh! We also road in a double decker bus. Couldn’t pass that up.

London is such a beautiful city, I wish we spent more time there!



Bath Spa, England

March 28, 2017

Bath Spa, England Bath Spa, England Bath Spa, England Bath Spa, England Bath Spa, England Bath Abbey Bath Abbey Bath Abbey Bath Abbey Bath Spa, England Bath Spa, England Bath Spa, England Bath Spa, England Bath Spa, England Bath Spa, England Bath Spa, England Bath Spa, England Bath Spa, England Roman Baths Roman Bath Spas Bath Spa, England Bath Spa, England Bath Spa, England

As mentioned in my previous post while in England we stayed with my cousin in Bath Spa, UK. Our first day my cousin took us around the city to explore. It seriously was so beautiful! As you can tell I really loved the architecture. I felt like every time I turned a corner I just fell in love with it a little bit more. There are so many fun doors too! A lot of ones are painted some seriously fun colors. Tori and I were really excited to stay in Bath since we are huge Jane Austen fans. Bath has a small Jane Austen museum that we got to tour. It was so cool to realize that the city that we were exploring were the same streets that she walked and was inspired by so many years ago.

We also toured the famous Roman Baths, and Bath Abbey. The Roman Baths are stunning! It’s sad to think they can’t be used anymore because of toxins. The Romans built the baths in such a smart and incredible way. It was so interesting to see how they were intended to be used. The Abbey was beautiful. My cousin’s graduation was actually held there. Talk about a crazy beautiful graduation. I graduated in a convention center. I think he got the better deal there.

Here’s our travel video from day 2!

25 by 25, Travel

London Calling

March 23, 2017

Passport Photo Travel Flight Outfit Bath England Bath England IMG_2588 Passport Photo

I have been dying to share my travel posts with y’all! This trip to Europe was something I have been looking forward to for a long time. I traveled with one of my best friends in the whole world, Tori. We’ve known each other for 8, yes 8, years now. We met as sophomores in high school and apparently we really like hanging out and still continue too. Going to Europe was something we had talked about for a long time. It was mentioned between us multiple times while in college, yet the timing and funds just were never there.

Last August, I found an amazing deal on flights to Paris through Airfare Watch Dog’s twitter. It was such a good deal I just couldn’t pass it up. I just about begged Tori and we did it. No plans, no ideas, we just bought the tickets. So for six months we researched, and planned…or rather I planned and my type A personality really showed as I put together our itinerary.

Our first stop is traveling from Los Angeles to London! From there we took a few trains and headed to stay with my cousin who lives in Bath, UK. We stayed in Bath with my cousin and his wife for a few days and took some day trips around England (those posts to come later).

Check out the first travel vlog below! Tell me what you think!