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Getting Colorful with Romwe

October 9, 2017

Moo's Musing Romwe Blouse Floral Crop Romwe Blouse Colorful Spring top Moo's Musing Colorful Top Moo's Musing outfit inspo floral crop romwe Romwe Moos MusingHow many of you have seen this shirt floating around pinterest? *raises hand* Yeah it’s literally everywhere. It’s so cute, and such an easy option to throw on and go. Shirts like this one or this one are probably some of my favorites. They are super cute and stylish but require such minimal effort. Which some days is literally the best!

On Romwe’s website this top is called a floral but to me it reminds me of colorful watercolor streaks or blobs of color. Which I love all things watercolor! While this shirt isn’t very fall like it is literally so cute! It’s the time of year where it’s foggy and cold in the morning and blazing in the afternoon. I paired this colorful top with a brown cardigan and boots to make it feel more like fall.

This is my first experience with Romwe. I’ve never ordered anything from their site before and it actually was a pleasant one. There are a lot of clothes that are one size, but a lot have multiple sizes available. One size fits all stuff never works for me, but the items they had sizes for all had measurements too. That is something that was super helpful and helped make sure I received something that fit. As long as I paid attention the the measurements given I was pretty much guaranteed to find something in my size. Overall I was happy with the shirts I received!

Top: Romwe c/o
Jeans: Hollister
Boots: B.P from Nordstrom

Thank you Romwe for sponsoring this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


Rule What Rule?

September 11, 2017

J crew side-tie t-shirt moo's musing white jeans outfit happiness botique necklace white and blue outfit fashion blog Happiness botique necklace White jeans hollsiter co White jeans outfit

It’s past labor day, school has officially started, and the weather has started to cool down. Okay, so that’s only partially true… The weather is cooler in the morning and at night, but it is still blazing hot during the day! Southern California doesn’t really get the fall memo until like October. It’s annoying. I love all the seasons and thoroughly believe it’s time to start pulling out my dark colors and cardigans. Fall and cooler weather just make me so happy! It’s the start of all the holidays, and all the fun activities that come with that! I’ve already started brainstorming Christmas gifts, and I am full fledged ready to carve a pumpkin. Who’s with me?!

I am definitely not ready to put away my white jeans though! I was so nervous to buy them and then even more to start wearing them out and about. I think they sat in my drawer for a few week before I was brave enough to put them on. However, now I am a fan! I’ve worn them out a few times now and I love them. They match with everything and I can wear them to work unlike normal denim. I am more aware of how much I touch my pants when I have white jeans on, but it’s not so bad! I am a total clutz though and am really scared to spill on them. I know it’s going to happen one day. Every time I wear them I’ve thrown a pair of blue jeans in my car just in case I something spills and it’s a total mess. Who knows if I’ll ever get so comfortable in them that I don’t bring another a pair of pants.

Now onto the necklace! This statement necklace is from Happiness Boutique. They are a cute little online jewelry boutique with a really classic style. They have all sorts of things from necklaces to bracelets and earrings. If you’re looking for some good statement earrings they have a lot of options. AND they are offering Moo’s Musing readers 10% off any purchase over $25 with code: moosmusing. The code is valid Monday, September 11th until October 11th so don’t miss out!

Top: J. Crew
Jeans: Hollister Co
Shoes: Marshalls
Necklace: C/O Happiness Boutique


Life Changes and Time Management

August 13, 2017

summer jeans and heels Moo's Musing summer heels Moo's Musing Chicwish Chicwish Ruffle Tank ruffle tank outfit chicwish striped sleeveless top

Y’all working full time is no joke! I’m on my third week now and man is it a major adjustment. There seems to be a lot less hours in the day when you spend 9 of them at work. I am slowly learning how to balance everything, but it definitely is a change. I give so much credit to bloggers who work full time and keep up a blog, and a social life. It’s not an easy task!

Learning to say no to things is also a big adjustment. I’ve worked part time since I was 15. I worked while also going to school, and usually had multiple other side projects and little jobs that I did. However, that just isn’t going to work anymore! There’s just not enough time to balance it all. So bare with me as I get the hang of things. I’ve found shooting blog content on the weekends and scheduling posts ahead of time is a definite help! I’ve also learned to work in my random one hour breaks between work and seeing the boyfriend or before bed.

Matt and I got to shoot this outfit last weekend after church. While I do think this top is cute, it is a little big. Being so petite seriously has it’s challenges y’all! I can’t just order something off line and know it’s gonna fit, and one size fits all pieces is just a joke! I’ve found ways like tucking shirts in or knotting them up helps. However, this top my be being passed a long to a friend.

Top: C/O Chicwish
Jeans: Hollister
Shoes: Marshalls
Watch: C/O AIBI (last seen here)

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Embroidered Top With Chicwish

June 20, 2017

moo's musing flowy top Chambray Chicwish Top Moo's Musing Embroidered Top Ecstatic Flowers Embroidered Chambray Dolly Top Flowy summer top Moo's Musing Chicwish Moo's Musing Chicwish

Yes, you have probably seen this top before on a few other bloggers. I just couldn’t help but choose it when I had the opportunity to collaborate with Chicwish. They have tons of cute options in their shop, but this one just is so cute I couldn’t help but gravitate toward it.

The top is called chambray, and while I guess you could classify it as that it’s not denim at all. The embroidery on it seems super well done so I’m not worried about it coming apart in the wash. I only wore this top for a short amount of time so I’m not sure if the fabric is easily wrinkled, but it might be. You can tell in the photos that the top goes high to low which isn’t my favorite thing ever, but I think for a pregnant mama this shirt could totally work. It is a one size fits all kind of top which usually don’t fit me. I’m an XS or SM in everything so the shirt is a little large on me. I don’t mind it since it’s meant to be flowy though.

Chicwish has a ton of other cute options for summer, and they are running a Fourth of July sale! This pineapple set is adorable! Imagine it for a summer wedding or outdoor dinner party. Eyelet is super in right now, and I almost ordered this top instead. Seriously y’all they have some great options!

Thank you Chichwish for sponsoring this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


Colorful Stripes

June 14, 2017

white jeans summer outfit white jeans outfit colorful striped top hollister co white jeans Francescas off the shoulder moos musing francescas blouse

This whole staying home all day thing is so boring! I’m learning if I don’t start off the day productive than it kind of gets away from me. I’ve been trying to start my day off by working out, but after that I get so bored being at home and working on the computer all day. Even working outside feels so much nicer than just sitting indoors all day long! Having kids and staying home makes a lot of sense to me, but I am obviously not a person who can stay home and do nothing all day long. I get so antsy.

That paragraph is about as exciting as my life has been right now. I work on blog stuff or business stuff, but other than that I haven’t done a whole lot. I’ve started looking up new recipes to try for dinners. Last week I made this chicken and pasta one. The chicken was so good! The pasta and sauce was good, but I didn’t think they were necessary since the chicken was just amazing!

Now onto the clothes! I scored this top from Francesca’s a few weeks ago, and totally forget to share it with y’all. My bad! I can’t find this exact top, but they have a lot of other great off-the-shoulder options. This one is pretty similar, and a great price at under $40.

Hope y’all are having an awesome week!

Top: Francesca’s
Jeans: Hollister
Shoes: Steve Madden


Kicking Off White Jeans Season

May 30, 2017

White Jeans Outfit

White Jeans Summer Outfit Loft Top Loft Tank Top Moo's Musing LOFT Tank Moo's Musing white jeans

Memorial day has come and past, which means it’s officially white jeans season! Believe it or not these are the first white jeans I’ve ever owned. I know…shocker. They make me so nervous! I am a clumsy person, and I spill frequently. I am just waiting to sit in something, lean up against something, or spill something and look like a total fool. Just wait for it, I’m sure it’s going to make a really great story.

A story I want to know is where did this whole only allowed to wear white after memorial day and before labor day come about. Being my first pair of white jeans this isn’t a rule I’ve had to think about, and I also think it’s silly. I can’t think of anyone who follows this rule exactly. I mean Kate, from Lonestar Southern, rocks white jeans all the time! She’s worn them so many times on her instagram it was seriously convincing me to get a pair! I get that white goes along well with the summer season, but why make it a rule? Maybe there’s a really great theory behind it. Who knows!

This past weekend was a busy one for me! Friday night I went to a Dodger vs. Cubs baseball game, which was so fun! This was the first time I’d been to Dodger stadium for a game. We even got to watch the fireworks from the field! Saturday was my mom’s birthday, and I had a friends bridal shower. Sunday I took my best friends engagement photos, which I still can’t believe she’s getting married! Then Monday was a nice BBQ with a friend’s family, and we went to go see the new Pirates movie. Have you seen it yet? I really liked it, but still not as good as the third one. I thought this was going to be the last one, but there’s a scene after the credits so maybe they are making more!

How was your Memorial Day weekend?

Jeans: Hollister
Shoes: Marshalls


Garage Sale Finds

May 23, 2017

moos musing outfit inspo nectar clothing top short sleeve button up outfit Moo's Musing spring outfit button up shirt outfit button back shirt summer outfit inspiration

Garage saling is seriously one of my favorite things to do. It’s been something my mom and I have done so many times over the years. To us it’s like treasure hunting, and it’s so fun! I know it’s not for everyone and you really do have to be okay with digging through other people’s junk but for us it’s awesome! I’ve gotten some great pieces of clothing over the years. When my sister and I were younger it was also a great way for my family to save money on clothes for us.

A few weeks ago, one of the historical districts in our city did a district wide garage sale. A lot of the streets get involved and there’s tons of garage sales! We pretty much just park and walk up and down the streets looking for great buys. We always love when we find other young women who are selling clothes. Those are the best sales! Especially when they just want to get rid of their clothes and will give you a great deal if you make a pile. I scored this Nectar Clothing top from one of the sales we hit up. I thought it was so cute with the buttons down the back too.

These short sleeve button up shirts seem to be everywhere right now and while they are cute, I still kind of feel a bit masculine in them. Which is so strange, I know! They just remind me of borrowing a man’s short sleeve shirt. I don’t know what it is, even with the extra little details. Does anyone else feel this way?